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BrainChip unveils Akida edge AI box for pre-order

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BrainChip unveils Akida edge AI box for pre-order

BrainChip, a neuromorphic computing device provider, recently announced that it’s re-opening its product shopping portal for pre-orders of the Akida Edge AI Box. According to the company, the device aims to accelerate high-performance AI applications at the edge in challenging environments.

The Akida Edge AI Box, a collaboration with VVDN Technologies, caters to retail, security, smart city, automotive, transportation and industrial sectors. Featuring a quad-core CPU and Akida AI accelerators, it delivers high AI performance, BrainChip says.

The company boasts that the edge box is compact and versatile, with built-in ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, HD display support, expandable storage and USB interfaces. The companies say BrainChip and VVDN are creating AI apps for the device, enabling personalization and on-device learning.

According to Sean Hehir, the CEO of BrainChip, the Akida Edge AI Box offers low latency, high throughput processing, and ultra-low power consumption, which is ideal for intelligent edge devices.

“We are excited to officially launch pre-orders of the Akida Edge AI Box and bring this groundbreaking technology to market to empower customers in developing and deploying intelligent, secure, and customized devices and services for multi-sensor environments in real-time,” adds Hehir.

BrainChip says its Akida processor utilises neuromorphic principles to mimic the human brain. This on-chip processing technology enables efficient, secure, low-latency edge learning without reliance on the cloud, ideal for connected car and IoT use cases, the company notes.

BrainChip showcased its Akida neuromorphic processor at CES 2024 on Microchips’ embedded platform, emphasizing its efficiency with a 32-bit microprocessor unit. The company says the demonstration highlights BrainChip’s abilities in always-on machine learning applications like keyword spotting and visual wake words.

Akida, integrated with Microchip’s 32-bit microprocessor unit, showcases advanced AI on small embedded hardware. The company says it is vital for the embedded systems market to merge AI with traditional MPUs for intelligent, connected solutions.

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