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DE-CIX provides premium IX services and operates several carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchanges in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

Founded in 1995, DE-CIX has become the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator. All of our global locations aim for the same goal: ensuring that the Internet runs securely and smoothly. By providing premium IX services, as well as consultancy and operational support, we do not only guarantee an excellent exchange of traffic & end user experience, but also meet the needs of a digitalized, interconnected world. That is why thousands of networks worldwide trust our 25+ years’ experience and service quality.

DE-CIX is your one-stop-shop for peering, interconnection and additional IX services, because the mission is simple: Making interconnection easy. Anywhere. For more information, visit

DE-CIX Recent News


Gaia-X project defines network architecture for Euro cloud, edge services

The Gaia-X project Tellus, led by Internet Exchange (IX) operator DE-CIX, has defined its technical architecture for current use cases….

Mar 1, 2022

DE-CIX partners with EdgeConneX to expand edge data center presence in U.S. and Spain

EdgeConneX announced a new partnership with Internet Exchange (IX) operator DE-CIX that will see DE-CIX expanding its carrier and data…

Jan 14, 2022

Mixed first year for Gaia-x, Europe’s declaration of cloud independence

How is Europe’s cloud project, Gaia-x faring? The initiative was launched last year, with the broad aim of creating a…

Nov 1, 2021

Edge networks: ITU certifies ETSI non-cellular 5G standard; DE-CIX Dallas connections; 1623 Farnam unveils Omaha IX

In an eventful week for edge connectivity, ETSI confirming its non-cellular 5G technology DECT-2020 has received ITU-R approval, and DE-CIX…

Jul 12, 2021

DE-CIX sees car manufacturers as part of new ‘eyeball’ networks using edge interconnection

Internet exchanges are eyeing up a new type of customer—car manufacturers. And not just for traditional enterprise IT needs. Frankfurt-based peering…

Mar 28, 2021

Vapor IO interconnects with DE-CIX, customers get global networking

DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator, announced it has established interconnections with Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge platform. The…

Mar 25, 2020

BEREC, EU Commission address bandwidth concerns; What’s the long term effect on the access edge?

As people are confined to their homes and social interactions and work move online due to the coronavirus pandemic, the…

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