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ClearBlade, MultiTech release enterprise-grade IoT Smart Monitoring for edge computing

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ClearBlade and hardware manufacturer MultiTech have introduced a LoRa-based smart monitoring system to optimize edge processing for distributed and wireless industrial IoT, the companies announced.

The LoRa gateway for industrial IoT applications, dubbed MultiTech Conduit, can be set up to operate with ClearBlade’s Smart Monitoring solution for fast edge to cloud deployments.

IoT Smart Monitoring is described as a full-stack industrial IoT platform that can be easily integrated with existing enterprise systems. Having already deployed IoT solutions for multiple industries such as mining, oil and gas, and freight rail, ClearBlade and MultiTech are looking into other key segments such as infrastructure and energy.

“The MultiTech range of gateways and hardware offerings and their deep experience in working across the IIoT ecosystem to deliver full-stack solutions to enterprises makes them an ideal partner for ClearBlade,” said Aaron Allsbrook, co-founder and CTO, ClearBlade, in a prepared statement. “They are leaders in LoRaWAN evolution and implementations, over public and private networks, and their highly scalable, ruggedized IoT gateways increase performance with the most remote assets, expanding network coverage while reducing overall costs.”

The two companies share extensive experience in rail, aerospace, agriculture, oil and gas, energy and smart cities, which gives a head start in understanding the problems these industries face. The out-of-the-box edge solution combines gateways with sensors for acceleration, temperature, fill level, tilt, proximity, GPS, and air quality to provide analytics and support for farmers, railroads, mining companies, energy and oil and gas.

The ClearBlade/MultiTech Solution aims to solve edge computing challenges through AI algorithms that reduce cost, manage devices and optimize resources.

According to ClearBlade CEO Eric Simone, companies should not have to go through “IoT science experiments,” as they should simply rely on an out-of-the-box solution that brings together multiple vendors to solve their challenges. As a result, ClearBlade and MultiTech have combined the right hardware and software capabilities to come to their assistance.

“It’s up to ClearBlade to select the right hardware with the right ports and radios, hardened to the hostile challenges of the real world,” Simone wrote on LinkedIn. “It’s up to ClearBlade to provide solutions that start working the moment they are powered on.”

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