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Dartpoints, TMGcore partner for high-density edge data centers

Dartpoints, TMGcore partner for high-density edge data centers

Dartpoints LLC, owner and operator of edge co-location data centers, and TMGcore LLC, maker of two-phase liquid immersion compute technology, are working together to design, deploy and operate high-density compute infrastructure edge facilities.

Dartpoints wants the ability to sell and position turnkey data centers to customers needing access to edge infrastructure for their content and applications. The question for Dartpoints and other competitors is how to pack as much processing power as they can into compact facilities. With processors typically drawing in the range of 200-to as much as 330 watts, the case for different cooling technologies, including liquid cooling, grows ever more pertinent for computing in confined spaces. Immersion cooling and direct-to-chip cooling are two of the emerging options.

As part of the partnership, TMGcore is offering its OTTO platform, which uses liquid immersion cooling to offer the ability to support 1.2MW power draw in under 320 square feet of floor space, the company claims. Smaller units are available which support 60kW in 20 square feet of space. The OTTO platform is designed to support high-density infrastructure, aggregating and interconnecting networks, content and applications at the edge.

TMGcore OTTO platform
Source: TMGcore

The companies expect to offer customers a turnkey integrated data center and IT infrastructure. No further information about pricing or availability was immediately available.

A growing need for edge data centers is powering market growth

Dartpoints and TMGcore are addressing what is expected to be a $700B investment in data center facilities and IT infrastructure over the course through 2028, according to a forecast from the State of the Edge report.

Market research firm Analytical Research Cognizance predicted in the first quarter that the global market for data centers will have grown from $18 billion in 2017 to $39 billion in 2026, for a compounded annual growth rate of 10.15 percent. Demand for cloud-based storage will be “the primary factor” motivating markets, according to the research house. The report includes revenue from colocation services providers as well as integration, maintenance and consulting services.

In February, Reportlinker released a research report indicating that the global market for data center products (including IT infrastructure, electrical infrastructure such as backup generators, cooling infrastructure such as A/C units) will have grown a modest 2 percent between 2019 and 2025. Colocation service firms are investing in hyperscale projects in developing economies, according to the report. Four nations, China, Australia, Hong Kong and India, will see major co-location investments during the forecast period.

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