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Canopy adopts Ambarella’s edge AI SoC to thwart truck theft

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Canopy adopts Ambarella’s edge AI SoC to thwart truck theft

Canopy, a smart vehicle security startup backed by ADT and Ford, has partnered with Ambarella, an edge AI semiconductor company, to enhance its flagship product, the Canopy Pickup Cam.

The vehicle security system utilizes Ambarella’s CV25 AI computer vision system-on-chip (SoC) to provide real-time monitoring and threat detection for truck beds.

Canopy CTO Ben Brown, states: “We selected Ambarella’s CVflow SoC because it provides a powerful AI engine with low power consumption, fast boot and excellent low-light performance.”

Canopy notes its Pickup Cam is the first aftermarket AI-enabled security system for truck bed security, and it proactively monitors cargo and alerts users of suspicious activity. Initially designed for personal vehicles, the company plans to expand to fleet vehicles soon.

According to Ambarella, its CV25 SoC enables threat detection and reduces false alarms by identifying reach-ins and tampering. Its low power consumption provides extended threat detection and alerts for the Pickup Cam, and the system also allows for future expansion with additional cameras.

The companies say the partnership aims to help Canopy provide customers with peace of mind by ensuring the 24/7 security of their truck beds across varying environmental conditions.

Fermi Wang, president and CEO of Ambarella, notes that the CV25 SoC “offers the efficient processing performance and image quality needed for compact, AI-powered embedded vision systems like the Pickup Cam.”

Leveraging Ambarella’s experience in video security, Canopy says its system offers increased accuracy from AI algorithms in a compact form factor. The Pickup Cam features a 180° wide field of view, de-warping support from the CV25 SoC and low-light performance and color night vision from Ambarella’s image signal processor (ISP).

Canopy’s camera and security system is compatible with most pickup trucks and began shipping to customers on October 30th.

In July, Ambarella also partnered with Cipia, an AI computer vision company specializing in automotive applications.

The collaboration seeks to create a single-camera monitoring system for vehicle manufacturers. According to the companies, the solution aims to enhance driver and passenger safety cost-effectively and flexibly.

Cipia also mentions that the solution enhances safety with its in-cabin sensing solution, utilizing a wide-field-of-view camera. The companies say, by leveraging Ambarella’s CVflow AI system-on-chip, this single-camera solution monitors the entire in-cabin environment.

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