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Avassa’s new features offer offline capabilities at the edge

Avassa’s new features offer offline capabilities at the edge

Application and infrastructure management provider Avassa is introducing a set of features designed to manage applications in offline scenarios.

The company notes there are several factors driving the deployment of applications at the edge, with considerations such as latency, bandwidth, and security often being at the forefront.

The new feature bundle by Avassa allows enterprise IT operators to benefit from edge-native functionality to accommodate strict requirements of offline capabilities at the edge, according to the company.

“We often get offline capabilities as a hard requirement from enterprises pursuing a project within edge computing, and for good reasons. Running applications at the on-site edge brings a whole bunch of benefits, but resilience for offline situations is one of the requirements that a cloud delivery simply cannot cater to,” says Carl Moberg CTO & co-founder of Avassa.

“This new set of features is the result of user feedback and our future vision of how edge use cases will evolve. Our stellar engineering team has worked hard to deliver, and we are now proud to launch a feature set that we are unique to offer in today’s market.”

The feature bundle adds to Avassa’s existing capabilities to centrally manage, observe, and secure applications running at the on-site edge, with features for managing applications in offline scenarios.

The feature bundle includes two components: accommodating full edge site autonomy and the ability to perform local changes when a site is disconnected. The company also notes that when it comes to accommodating full edge site autonomy, applications will self-heal and migrate automatically within an edge site, even at times when there is no connectivity to the cloud.

“Most solutions assume connectivity to the central cloud to perform healing actions on the site. These are existing features in the Avassa Edge Platform and play a key part in a complete edge solution for managing offline capabilities,” Avassa adds.

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