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Canopy adopts Ambarella’s edge AI SoC to thwart truck theft

Canopy, a smart vehicle security startup backed by ADT and Ford, has partnered with Ambarella, an edge AI semiconductor company,…


AI-powered security for edge and IoT infrastructure

Securing edge environments calls for a nuanced approach to ensure comprehensive cybersecurity. While cloud-based security solutions tend to be resource-intensive,…


Ensuring edge startup security: the crucial role of identity verification

By Domantas Ciulde, CEO, iDenfy In the rapidly evolving technology landscape, edge startups have emerged as key players, harnessing the…


Nozomi Networks joins AWS ISV Accelerate program to offer cloud-based OT and IoT security

Nozomi Networks has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ISV Accelerate program to expand its cloud strategy and make its…

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