Calytptia raises $5 million to build efficient software edge infrastructure for the enterprise

Calytptia raises $5 million to build efficient software edge infrastructure for the enterprise

Calyptia, a startup building an enterprise-focused first-mile observability platform, has announced a seed funding round of $5 million led by Sierra Ventures and Carbide Ventures.

Calyptia’s aim is to provide a quicker tool to diagnose, troubleshoot and respond to the issue within the system — a goal that enterprises deploying IoT and edge applications, in particular, could find useful.

With IoT and edge applications, issues and last-minute errors encountered in the software stack require immediate insights from observability data to reduce the back-end cost  — in other words, as soon as the developer sees a problem, they can stop a process. That in turn reduces the amount of faulty data that are stored in expensive back-end storage devices.

Application developers have several validation tools at their disposal in the pre-deployment stage of a project. However, for the post-production stage, when the software is running, even a slight error can cost the entire system to crash. To save developers from such nightmares, file-mile observability focuses on providing quick insights from the observability data available at the source where data is collected, which can be a Kubernetes node, a virtual machine (VM), a bare-metal server, or an edge device.

“Calyptia solves a really difficult problem – how to quickly and efficiently get intelligence out of log and event data at scale in the enterprise – and it brings to market a solution that has been needed for quite some time,” said Tim Guleri, Managing Partner, Sierra Ventures. “For the first time, businesses can get immediate insight into their systems to enable real-time troubleshooting and performance optimization. Given the rapid adoption of distributed, cloud-based IT, which introduces significant challenges for observability, this solution will quickly become a core enterprise requirement.”

Calyptia’s founders started two open-source projects, Fluent Bit and Fluentd, are described as “fast, lightweight and highly scalable log and metrics collectors that offer support for Kubernetes and Red Hat Open Shift. (The projects are now hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, or CNCF). Calyptia’s Enterprise for Fluent Bit is currently available under the public beta version.

“What we’ve done with Calyptia Enterprise is take the most powerful open source tool for first-mile observability — Fluent Bit — and make it fully accessible for the enterprise,” said Anurag Gupta, co-founder of Calyptia. “The quicker an organization can diagnose, troubleshoot, and respond, the better their systems will perform and the business as a whole will benefit.”


Built on the foundation of open-source technologies under the management of the CNCF gives Calyptia’s underlying technology more credibility for adoption and makes it robust through a vendor-agnostic approach while reducing some of the typical worries about licensing that enterprise customers have. As performance has become an essential part of edge computing solutions, faster diagnostic and troubleshooting will make systems perform better. Meanwhile, reducing the edge infrastructure cost (including data transport and storage) will be another incentive for enterprise customers to scale the deployment of Calyptia’s first-mile observability platform.

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