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Atmosic Technologies and AONDevices join forces to bring wearable applications to the edge

Atmosic Technologies and AONDevices join forces to bring wearable applications to the edge

Wireless IoT platform provider Atmosic Technologies has partnered with AONDevices, an edge AI processor provider in a bid to bring together AI capabilities and wireless technology, for AIoT and wearable applications.

Atmosic’s ATM Series wireless SoC includes integrated power management and energy harvesting capabilities, the RF radios to support protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy and 802.15.4 protocols such as Thread and Matter, memory, and the application processor.

The company notes that it comes with a suite of peripherals including GPIO, ADCs, serial interfaces, keyboard scan matrices and more. AONDevices has a suite of AI technology and the company’s AON series of AI processors offer voice command recognition, sound and contextual awareness, and multi-sensor fusion.

“When a sensor incorrectly triggers, additional power is consumed by the device itself and by the supporting cloud services as they process the invalid information,” says Mouna Elkhatib, CEO of AONDevices.

“Using AI to verify that a trigger was indeed valid before the downstream energy consuming events occur, helps reduce radio transmissions & re-attempts, and the processing/storage of data by cloud services.”

When used in voice control or situations requiring context detection, the company notes its technology supports speaker independence in always-on and multi-word detection scenarios with adaptive voice activity detection.

Mike Fortin, SVP of sales from Atmosic, adds: “In security applications, for example, if a sensor can accurately diagnose the sound of breaking glass, as opposed to sounds played on a television, then radios can remain in their sleep state extending the energy reserves in a sensor for when it is needed.”

Atmosic’s solution aims to enable developers to create greener products by reducing reliance on batteries that can leach toxic chemicals into landfills and water tables when incorrectly disposed of.

Both companies note that the partnership is set to bring further power reductions by cutting energy used when sensors ‘false detect’.

According to the pair, AI models can be created in hours and both Atmosic and AONDevices offer development kits that aim to accelerate time-to-market for customers looking to create products for applications including headsets, wearables, game controllers, toys, or in vehicles, smart home appliances, smart buildings, or industrial applications.

Elsewhere, AONDevices also announced a strategic partnership with Seltech International. The alliance aims to expand AONDevices’ global reach and impact with its low-power edge AI technologies.

The edge AI company is set to expand its market presence through the partnership with Seltech International by integrating its technologies into Seltech’s range of acoustic solutions. The collaboration aims to extend AONDevices’ reach in various sectors, including personal devices, automotive, wearables and hearables.

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