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Tier IV unveils Edge.Auto to transform autonomous driving systems

Tier IV unveils Edge.Auto to transform autonomous driving systems

Tier IV has launched Edge.Auto, a product that ranges from individual hardware components to fully integrated AD systems.

The company showcased the new product at multiple live demonstrations at CES 2024.

Shinpei Kato, the founder, CEO, and CTO of Tier IV, says Edge.Auto complements its existing range of solutions for developing AD systems. He adds that the company provides comprehensive solutions from hardware components to fully integrated AD systems.

Tier IV is also continuously seeking partners to provide solutions through Edge.Auto to further enhance this platform,” Kato adds.

Edge.Auto is a reference platform for the development of AD systems. It combines sensors, computers and software tools. With open-source sensor drivers and software modules from Autoware, the company says it offers flexibility in configuring hardware and building fully integrated AD systems for various applications.

The new product offers a range of solutions that can combine with Tier IV’s existing products, including Pilot.Auto and Web.Auto. The company notes that this feature allows users to select and validate the necessary software and hardware units for AD system development efficiently, enabling them to build customized autonomous driving products and services quickly.

According to the company, Tier IV’s automotive cameras provide dynamic range and resolutions ranging from 2.5MP to 8.3MP. They are suitable for driver-assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving, surveillance and robotics applications. The lineup includes the new C3 camera set to launch in 2024. USB adaptors and edge perception development kits are also available.

The Sensor Fusion System is a perception development platform that enables sensor fusion. It provides open-source tools, documentation and support for tasks like sensor calibration and synchronization. Users can customize the system by selecting sensors and ECUs.

The GMSL2 to 10 Gigabit Ethernet Conversion Module enables the acquisition of perception data from up to eight cameras and their transformation into 10 Gigabit Ethernet streams. Summary: This solution offers synchronization with LiDAR, a user-friendly design and interface, individual shutter timing control and support for diverse perception technologies.

Junwei Bao, the CEO of Seyond, says: “Through the combined power of our high-performance LiDAR technology and Tier IV’s Edge.Auto platform, we look forward to collaborating on the future of safer, smarter, and more efficient autonomous vehicle and robotics development.”

The company notes that this AD system empowers users to create their Level 4 AD products, solutions and services.

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