AON Devices shipping new edge AI processor, gives battery-powered devices audio capabilities

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AONDevices, a provider of ultra-low power, high-performance edge AI processors, have announced that engineering samples of its new AON1100 processor are now available. According to the announcement, the AON1100 Edge AI processor enables unprecedented sensing capabilities in battery-powered always-on devices that need to support local wake words, voice commands, sound event detection, context detection, and sensor fusion at high accuracy – all while maintaining industry-leading low power consumption that extends battery life, which results in a better end-user experience.

Real World Recognition

The AON1100 is an ultra-low power, multi-modal solution that enables simultaneous, extremely accurate recognition of multiple voice commands and sound events – such as a baby crying or a car backfiring – using a single microphone.

The AON1100 also simultaneously detects specific motion patterns, such as walking or falling. When used in phones, headsets, wearables, game controllers, vehicles, or smart home appliances, the AON1100 enables natural human-machine interface at the device level without sending any data to the cloud, improving the user experience and guaranteeing privacy.

AON1100 features two cores, AONVoice and AONSens, which are based on AONDevices’ proprietary neural network technology. AONVoice delivers 90% accuracy in 0 dB SNR conditions. Including front-end processing and all required memory, AONVoice core consumes less than 150µW proven in 40nm ULP silicon. This power is measured in 100% constant speech conditions.

Machine Learning’s New Era

“The AON1100 is a testament to AONDevices’ unparalleled ability to innovate across algorithms, systems and silicon,” says Mouna Elkhatib, CEO of AONDevices. “We are engaged with several tier 1 customers in key markets. With engineering samples and development kits now available, we can support OEM customers looking for complete solutions that don’t sacrifice privacy or trade accuracy for power. In addition, we continue to enable key silicon partners and OEMs with IP core licenses. We are enabling a wide range of new voice, audio and sensor use cases – and we can’t wait to see what new capabilities our customers will bring to market next.”

AONDevices is a partner of the tinyML Foundation – a global industry group focused on nurturing the fast-growing branch of ultra-low power ML technologies and approaches at the edge – and embraces the vision set forth by the organization. Commenting on the industry, Evgeni Gousev, senior director at Qualcomm and chairman, board of directors of the tinyML Foundation, adds, “At the tinyML Foundation, we envision this new world as having trillions of distributed intelligent devices enabled by energy-efficient machine learning technologies that sense, analyze and autonomously act together to create a healthier, more sustainable environment for all.”

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