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Ambiq accelerates design of intelligent edge devices at new Technology Design Center in Singapore

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Ambiq accelerates design of intelligent edge devices at new Technology Design Center in Singapore

Texas headquartered Ambiq, known for developing battery-powered endpoint devices, has announced the expansion of its semiconductor solutions through its new Technology Design Center in Singapore. The new design center includes design, verification, and validation engineering teams that will focus on the future design of SPOT-enabled edge intelligent devices.

Ambiq’s patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT) is a different approach to building reliable and robust circuits that consume less energy than traditional logic transistor designs while producing them on a cost-effective manufacturing process. The technology is used in the Apollo family of microcontrollers that has resulted in chips that can operate down to 30uA/MHz in active mode and 100nA in standby.

“Singapore is uniquely positioned to play a critical role in driving the continued growth of technological innovation in the ASEAN region,” says Fumihide Esaka, chairman and CEO of Ambiq. “As Ambiq continues to diversify and expand its businesses worldwide, the new Technology Design Center is a further testament to our commitment and investment in Singapore for future success, allowing us to grow our development teams effectively.”

Ambiq made it to the headlines in the middle of the pandemic as Ambiq, along with partners Excelpoint and iWOW, enabled Singapore’s TraceTogether Token to help fight against Covid-19. A Bluetooth-enabled token, a physical device powered by the Ambiq Apollo3 Blue microcontroller, offered the necessary performance without sacrificing battery life. “We are privileged to have the collaboration with EDBI, Excelpoint, and iWOW, and are proud of the results we see in the Singapore TraceTogether token,” Esaka noted in December 2021.

A Singapore-based investor, EDBI will be seen as a huge support for Ambiq’s regional expansion plans as they participated in the Series E funding round in 2018 that raised a total of $28 million.

“As an early investor and close collaborator, EDBI is immensely privileged to be able to contribute to the building up of Ambiq’s APAC base in Singapore while witnessing the company’s regional growth. With Singapore’s status as a global node for innovation, Ambiq will also be able to tap on the country’s skilled talent pool and advanced digital infrastructure for its new Technology Design Center,” said Chu Swee Yeok, CEO and president of EDBI.

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