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Ambarella debuts new edge AI platform at CES Exhibition

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Ambarella debuts new edge AI platform at CES Exhibition

Ambarella, an edge AI semiconductor company, recently unveiled its Cooper Developer Platform during CES. This platform integrates software, hardware, AI models and services and offers universal support for Ambarella’s AI systems-on-chip (SoCs).

According to Ambarella, Cooper simplifies development with its flexible and modular approach. It offers prepackaged hardware, software tools, AI SoCs, board-level solutions and a multi-layer software stack.

Cooper Metal is a hardware layer featuring AI SoCs, Systems on Module (SoMs) and developer kits preloaded with Cooper Foundry.

The Cooper Foundry software stack comprises Cooper Core, Cooper Foundation, Cooper Vision and Cooper UX. It includes a Linux-based OS, compilers and SDKs, integration with open-source tools, pre-trained neural network models, multi-modal sensor processing and fusion, a user-friendly interface and debugging capabilities. This stack enables developers to create production-ready AI applications and analyze their performance efficiently, the company says.

According to Fermi Wang, the president and CEO of Ambarella, its new Cooper Developer Platform offers a unified, reliable and scalable solution.

“Our new unified, robust, and scalable Cooper Developer Platform allows designers to easily take full advantage of our SoCs’ industry-leading AI performance per watt via intuitive and comprehensive tools that abstract the hardware and enable them to focus on product innovation across multiple markets and applications,” adds Wang.

Ambarella notes that developers with expertise in open-source tools like TensorFlow, Docker, PyTorch, Yocto and ROS2 can leverage the Cooper Developer Platform. By integrating these tools, developers can access online communities and simplify edge AI app development and deployments.

On the hardware side, the Cooper Developer Platform will expand Ambarella’s ecosystem via a network of AI-acceleration PCIe card and SoM manufacturers. Ambarella is partnering with design and manufacturing service providers, including e-Con Systems, VVDN and Quanta.

The new Cooper Developer Platform is now available and showcased at Ambarella’s CES exhibition in Las Vegas this week.

In November, Canopy, a smart vehicle security startup backed by ADT and Ford, partnered with Ambarella, an edge AI semiconductor company. Their collaboration aims to enhance the Canopy Pickup Cam, the flagship product of Canopy. By utilizing Ambarella’s CV25 AI computer vision system-on-chip (SoC), the vehicle security system offers real-time monitoring and threat detection specifically for truck beds.

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