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Himax, Seeed Studio develops Grove Vision AI module for edge inference

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Himax Technologies, an Israel-based embedded manufacturer, has collaborated with Seeed Studio, an IoT hardware provider, to develop a Grove Vision AI module for edge AI inference. The hardware is powered by the WiseEye2 AI processor HX6538 from Himax, which uses an advanced Arm Cortex-M55 processor core and the Ethos U55 architecture.

According to Himax, the WiseEye2 AI processor delivers a performance boost over its predecessors with 32 times faster inference speed and 50 times greater energy efficiency. The WiseEye2 AI processor incorporates dynamic voltage frequency scaling, allowing the processor to adjust its voltage and frequency dynamically per the workload, optimizing power consumption. Additionally, the processor module aims to ensure efficient energy usage through its multi-layered power management capabilities.

“We’re excited about Himax Technologies’ launch of the WiseEye2 HX6538. This collaboration amplifies our efforts in visual machine learning, and we’re proud to stand as partners with Himax,” says Joey Jiang, general manager of the Industry and Application Group at Seeed Studio.

When it comes to security features, the WiseEye2 AI processor module is equipped with RSA and ECC hardware encryption and decryption engines. These are cryptographic algorithms for secure data transmissions. The module also integrates a physical unclonable function, which provides each chip with a unique identity, improving security by reducing risks associated with unauthorized access.

Himax says that the WiseEye2 AI processor module is developed for its low power consumption compared to traditional microcontroller units, which makes it suitable for battery-powered energy-sensitive applications. Along with this, the AI inference capabilities of the module make it capable of handling AI tasks for real-time use cases.

“Our collaboration with Seeed Studio propels the WE2 technology into a broader market scope, thereby pioneering advancement in the field of endpoint AI devices,” says Mark Chen, vice president of Smart Sensing business at Himax.

Himax has recently partnered with PUFsecurity to incorporate PUFrt, a PUF-based Root of Trust IP, into its WiseEye2 AI processor. This integration is aimed at transforming endpoint AI applications, with an emphasis on enhancing user security and ensuring data protection.

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