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Akamai to purchase Ondat to strengthen its edge cloud computing offerings

Akamai to purchase Ondat to strengthen its edge cloud computing offerings

Akamai plans to acquire Ondat, a company specializing in cloud-native storage systems, to improve its Cloud Connected distributed platform. The company says that by incorporating Ondat’s Kubernetes-native platform and persistent storage technology, Akamai will strengthen its edge cloud computing services.

The move into cloud-native storage augments last year’s acquisition of Linode by Akamai, which formed the foundation for the Cloud Connected offering.

Akamai states that Ondat’s technology will let its clients deploy persistent storage spaces on Kubernetes clusters, regardless of whether they use public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Upon acquiring Ondat, Akamai will absorb its employees and executives into its cloud computing business division.

“Storage is a key component of cloud computing and Ondat’s technology will enhance Akamai’s storage capabilities, allowing us to offer a fundamentally different approach to cloud that integrates core and distributed computing sites with a massively scaled edge network,” says Adam Karon, the chief operating officer and general manager of the Cloud Technology Group at Akamai Technologies.

Ondat is a storage platform designed for Kubernetes capable of handling large-scale stateful applications. The privately owned company was established in London in 2015. Ondat delivers technology, development and DevOps services using an agnostic platform that could run data services across various types of infrastructure. The company’s chief technology officer and co-founder, Alex Chircop, has over two decades of experience leading engineering infrastructure platforms for companies like Nomura and Goldman Sachs, the company says.

Ondat’s storage solution, designed for the cloud, includes both encryption of data in transit and at rest, providing a high level of security for critical applications, the company says. Additionally, the platform delivers high performance, availability and fast application failover. By taking advantage of Kubernetes containers’ lightweight deployment capabilities, Ondat can offer data reduction and storage pooling features.

Akamai intends to integrate Ondat’s storage platform with Akamai’s Connected Cloud platform, which will include both centralized and decentralized sites. This expansion will occur on top of the existing infrastructure supporting Akamai’s edge network, which spans 134 countries and more than 4100 locations.

“The launch of Akamai Connected Cloud comes at a time where the Asia Pacific and Japan region continues to experience rapid advancements in digital transformation,” says Parimal Pandya, the senior vice president of sales and managing director, Asia-Pacific.

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