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Aetina’s new EdgeEye platform set to transform edge AI device management

Aetina’s new EdgeEye platform set to transform edge AI device management

Aetina, an edge device manufacturer and AI solutions provider, has added a new cloud-based management platform to its portfolio of edge AI products. The EdgeEye platform aims to help enterprises improve operational efficiency by simplifying edge computing device management.

Currently, the company boasts the new solution enables remote data collection, remote troubleshooting, system monitoring, and power cycling, in a bid to eradicate the risk of prolonged device downtime.

The solution adopts a browser-based platform to offer a management dashboard accessible via smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Additionally, the platform supports out-of-band (OOB) management, to allow management in online and offline situations, while continuously monitoring device operation status through in-band management technology.

Speaking about the new platform, James Su, director of software development at Aetina, commented: “In smart city scenarios, such as traffic surveillance devices spread across the city or the rapid rise in recent years of large-scale green energy devices like solar and battery equipment, troubleshooting and system rebooting by technicians incur not only manpower costs but also difficulties in responding to device downtime in real-time.

“EdgeEye can simultaneously monitor multiple devices. Once system abnormalities are detected, EdgeEye will proactively send warning notifications, enabling real-time remote rebooting and troubleshooting. This reduces manpower and maintenance costs, thereby enhancing the efficiency of device management in the AI era.”

Moreover, as awareness of cybersecurity and protection of business confidentiality increases, many enterprises are turning to private cloud architectures to prevent data leaks, Aetina notes. The EdgeEye platform focuses on allowing enterprises to deploy EdgeEye servers within their own domains to ensure data security and privacy. The platform is also built on a private cloud architecture.

Last year, the company developed an advanced edge AI solution that upgrades the existing automated optical inspection system found in manufacturing plants. Aetina created its edge AI solution by utilizing its SuperEdge AI platform.

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