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Aetina showcases Nvidia Jetson Orin Nano-based edge AI computers for computer vision

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Aetina showcases Nvidia Jetson Orin Nano-based edge AI computers for computer vision

Aetina launched four new Jetson Orin Nano system-on-module-based edge AI computers to serve the increasing demand for computer vision applications. These Aetina edge AI computers will be part of the company’s DeviceEdge family, which can act as both an embedded and a standalone computer.

Computer vision applications demand the use of external cameras and they can interface with Aetina hardware platforms through expansion slots. The expansion slots enable the computer to stay competitive by providing the ability to upgrade its storage and wireless connectivity. Aetina also provides customized combinations of different input/output connectors and expansion slots based on the needs of global partners and clients. Aetina then helps its partners create edge AI, robotics, and AIoT solutions that can scale and deploy in smart cities, healthcare facilities, factories and retail stores.

There are four models (AIB-SO21, AIE-KO21, AIB-MO22, and AIE-KO22) that come with a wide range of input power from 12V to 24V DC and support 128GB of SSD storage through M.2 2242 NVMe. The only difference between each model is the number of input/output ports. The AIB-SO21 and AIE-KO21 feature an M.2 E-Key 2230 slot and an RJ-45 GbE Port, while the other two have a long list of I/O connectors and expansion slots.

Nvidia recently announced the addition of the new Jetson Orin Nano system-on-module that can deliver up to 80x the performance level of its predecessor. This sets a new industry standard for entry-level edge AI and robotics applications. The Jetson Orin Nano system-on-module supports multiple concurrent AI application pipelines with high-speed input/output and an Nvidia Ampere architecture GPU. The Orin Nano modules are currently available in two versions. For example, the 8GB model delivers up to 40TOPs while the 4GB one delivers up to 20TOPs.

Aetina also announced (1) an end-to-end AI management solution built on Nvidia AI development and (2) deployment tools that integrate with Aetina’s Nvidia AI-powered training and inference platforms. Aetina’s clients and partners can develop and deploy AI applications for the edge securely and efficiently using Aetina’s AI management solution.

In June, Aetina partnered with Fibocom, an IoT wireless communication modules provider, to accelerate the adoption of 5G capabilities in edge IoT devices.

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