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Advantech presents new edge computing solutions for AI vision and edge data applications

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Advantech has announced the launch of the ARK-7060, an extreme high-performance edge computer designed for a wide range of edge data servers, AOI visual inspection, and AI vision applications.

According to company executives, this launch “brings server-class computing capabilities, flexible expansion, rich storage capacity, and high network bandwidth to the edge.”

The ARK-7060 has up to 10 cores at 67W and 4 x DDR4 SODIMM sockets for 128 GB of memory. The ARK-7060 also supports up to four 2.5″ SATA III hard drive bays and provides high data transfer rates through 10GbE ports and M.2 B-Key for 5G modules. The company says the technology “allows users to store a large amount of data quickly and easily right at the machine edge“.

The ARK-7060 system has dual BIOS for enhanced security, including backup and recovery, which lowers the risk of BIOS damage and potential viruses or data corruption. The BMC allows for remote system management via IPMI 2.0 architecture, so users can quickly fix problems that arise and minimize downtime. Further, the system comes with McAfee for whitelisting technology and Acronis for data backup and recovery to provide data security and protection.

The ARK-7060 is designed for versatility and easy integration into AI vision applications. It can support up to 350W graphic cards in its PCIe x16 slots, including the NVIDIA RTX Quadro A4500 and A5000. High-end graphics cards not only need sufficient power to run, but they also overheat when doing more intense tasks. The ARK-7060 system uses thermal designs to dissipate heat evenly and comes with a kit for industrial fanless graphics cards. Its 850W power supply makes it simple to integrate equipment.

The ARK-7060 is a high-performance computer that can be used with motion control cards, frame grabbers and graphics cards to provide AI visual inspection and AI vision equipment with the power they need. As factories turn into smart manufacturing, more data is being collected than ever, making proper storage and fast data transfer essential. The ARK-7060 can support up to four 2.5” SATA III hard drive bays, optional 10GbE ports for high data transfer rates, and an M.2 B-Key for 5G modules. This allows users to store data quickly and easily on the machine edge, even with high-power graphics cards installed, the company says.

Advantech and Zeblok Computational collaborated recently to develop a combined solution for efficient and secure edge AI applications. The solution uses Advantech Sky-8000 series servers with Zeblok’s Ai-Microcloud turnkey AI platform-as-a-service. The edge AI solution will be available on the smart kiosk, a high-performance AI tool for smart cities.

Brian Wilson, associate vice president of sales at Advantech said of the partnership: “We are thrilled to partner with Zeblok to enable a solid foundation where the edge AI ecosystem can innovate faster helping customers thrive in this new AIoT era.”

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