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Celona’s 5G device certification program plans to simplify enterprise adoption of private cellular networks

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Celona’s 5G device certification program plans to simplify enterprise adoption of private cellular networks

Celona has launched a free 5G LAN device certification program to ensure 4G and 5G end-user equipment inter-operate on Celona enterprise 5G LANs.

The company offers 5G LAN solutions for enterprises as a subscription that includes hardware and software components. The Celona 5G LAN certification program allows businesses to access many compatible devices for specific edge use cases. Customers can leverage a plug-and-play experience on certified devices to increase deployment and adoption of private 5G networks.

“Celona’s certification program is one of the first to accelerate the adoption of enterprise private cellular wireless networks, ensuring the features and performance of our devices and modules on 5G LANs matches or exceeds their capabilities on traditional cellular networks,” said Tom Mueller, VP of product at Sierra Wireless.

As part of the program, the company has already certified several devices, including tablets, smartphones, IoT gateways, and CPE devices. Celona believes that the lack of interoperability between end-user equipment and private 5G infrastructure has deterred enterprise adoption. The company says the launch of the 5G LAN certification program will resolve these issues.

To certify 5G LAN devices, Celona validates them with Celona 5G LAN access points, Celona edge software, and SIM and eSIM credentials. The comprehensive process includes a wide range of tests and procedures. This program assesses essential compatibility and looks at key performance metrics, such as throughput, packet error rates, latency and handover times.

“5G LANs combine the reliability and security of cellular with the economics of Wi-Fi; however, companies need more assurance that devices will interoperate on private wireless infrastructure with zero issues,” said Julie Johnson, VP and general manager of mobile computing at Zebra Technologies.

Celona’s 5G LAN solution includes a software platform, private spectrum license, access points, LTE/5G mobile core, private SIM cards, and AIOps for infrastructure.

The Celona 5G LAN certification program also helps enterprises find the best devices for their specific applications without spending extra time and money.

“By participating in Celona’s 5G LAN device certification program, we are best positioned to help organizations maximize their investments in private wireless infrastructure by easily solving the critical use cases for which private wireless is ideally suited,” Johnson concluded.

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