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Aarna Networks, and PicoNets forge alliance for improved edge delivery network performance

Aarna Networks, and PicoNets forge alliance for improved edge delivery network performance

Aarna Networks, an enterprise edge and private 5G management solutions provider, has partnered with PicoNets, a company specializing in software-based content delivery networks. The partnership involves testing and integrating PicoNets’ PicoCDN with Aarna Networks’ AMCOP to improve the content delivery network. The companies found that the integrated solution provided 92.86 times faster data speeds and a twenty-five times improvement in the time to first byte (TTFB).

PicoNets offers a software-based CDN solution aimed at applications that involve 5G connectivity, including multi-camera streaming at stadiums, gaming, 8K videos, virtual and augmented reality. The company’s PicoCDN can also be used for non-video applications, such as e-commerce.

“PicoCDN integration with Aarna abstracts away the implementation complexity to enable OTTs and other CDN users to look at new use cases with ultra-low latency in the 5G world,” said Prakash Advani, the co-founder and CEO of PicoNets. “We also look forward to working with Aarna networks for new 5G use cases.”

Aarna Networks addresses enterprise edge and private 5G management challenges with its zero-touch orchestration platform. The company’s goal is to assist companies and network operators in utilizing edge computing more efficiently and at a lower cost. Its software solution employs open-source and cloud-native technologies to offer zero-touch edge and 5G orchestration services.

Aarna Networks’ AMCOP leverages 5G connectivity to tackle complex management issues at an enterprise level. The platform streamlines edge infrastructure, network services and application orchestration by providing a closed-loop automation solution.

“AMCOP solves complexity and simplifies edge infrastructure and orchestration, which can unleash previously unimagined new services,” said Amar Kapadia, the co-founder and CEO of Aarna Networks. “This integration with PicoCDN has achieved an extraordinary level of performance and opens up new possibilities for 5G use cases.”

Recently, Aarna Networks demonstrated multi-cloud O-RAN orchestration and management for CSPs and enterprise network operators at the Fyuz event in Madrid. The company used AMCOP 3.1 on the Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS to orchestrate O-RAN cloud-native network functions on-premise and offer managed cloud options.

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