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Zeblok Computational shows Ai-MicroCloud platform for edge at Intel’s MWC event

Zeblok Computational shows Ai-MicroCloud platform for edge at Intel’s MWC event

Zeblok Computational, which bills itself as an AI platform as a service provider, participated in Intel’s Build for Wonderful event at the GSMA Mobile World Congress alongside Rakuten, Verizon, Ericsson, BT, and American Tower to discuss the launch of its Ai-MicroCloud platform to drive advancements in 5G with support from Intel and American Tower.

According to ARM, by the year 2035, there will be one trillion edge devices produced which will require improved IT infrastructure to support and manage these devices. The networks used by IoT in markets such as Smart Cities, Smart Retail, surveillance technology, and autonomous vehicles, and the smart retail industry will face significant bandwidth and management challenges.

Every year technology at the GSMA Mobile World Congress, over 1200 member companies collaborate to tackle these challenges. From an AI perspective, Zeblok’s Ai-MicroCloud is aimed towards solving IT challenges faced in scaling edge data centers. The company said it provides an easy software management tool to deliver AI applications on a wide range of hardware. The AI platform is designed to enable the integration of AI software and hardware to reduce time and money spent on production, deployment, scaling and managing edge devices.

“Zeblok Ai-MicroCloud provides a turnkey orchestration and an abstraction layer, including multi-cloud and bare metal configurations, making it easy for ISV developers to use Intel OpenVINO optimization tools for Ai model serving technologies that enable rapid scaling at the edge,” said Matthew Formica, an executive at Intel Corporation.

At the event, Intel announced product enhancements in the OpenVINO optimization tool providing simplified APIs to import TensorFlow models and improve code portability allowing faster time to market.

According to Zeblok, the Ai-MicroCloud securely serves OpenVINO optimizations to edge data centers. New features include easily integrating AI from software vendors (ISVs), rapidly curating AI digital assets and efficiently solving software distribution problems for edge AI applications, according to the company.

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