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Wiwynn breaks new ground with compact edge servers for next-gen computing

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Wiwynn breaks new ground with compact edge servers for next-gen computing

Wiwynn, a cloud IT data center infrastructure provider, has announced the refresh of its edge server line. The new servers feature 5th gen Intel Xeon scalable processors, which aim to offer enhanced network capabilities, built-in accelerators, improved efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

With AI, Wiwynn explains that applications powered by large language models (LLM) require efficient data processing, high computing power and quick response for inference and local model fine-tuning.

The 5th gen Intel Xeon scalable processors incorporate AI acceleration, Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel AMX), faster DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen5 technologies. The company states that integrating with Wiwynn edge servers enables improved efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), unlocking new possibilities for network and edge computing applications.

Steven Lu, the executive vice president of Wiwynn, says the company aims to provide efficient edge servers with enhanced computing power, faster memory and high-speed data transmission.

“This empowers our customers to deploy their critical network and edge workloads in the AI era, adapting to evolving demands and capitalizing on business opportunities at the edge.”

The Wiwynn ES200G2 is a 2U single-socket edge server designed for edge AI workloads. It integrates compute acceleration, storage, and network scale-out capabilities in a compact form factor. It supports dual-width GPUs and NVMe SSDs.

The company notes it is ideal for AI inference, 3D graphics, rendering and video analytics applications. The company says the server can support various edge applications such as CDN, smart city, and smart factory.

The Wiwynn ES100G2 is a compact edge server for networking workloads like vRAN and software-defined networks. With NEBS Level 3 compliance, PCIe Gen5 expansions, and silicon-based security, the company claims to deliver dependable performance and streamlined, efficient deployments.

According to Bassel Haddad, the VP and GM of edge device and AI products in Intel’s network and edge group, the latest 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors offer enhanced capabilities for handling demanding network and edge workloads. He adds that they provide lower total ownership cost, increased security and increased performance per watt for general compute usage.

“The versatility and built-in AI acceleration of these new processors will enable Wiwynn and their customers to market customizable hardware in a fast time that spans from the edge to the cloud, ” Haddad says.

Wiwynn offers computing and storage products along with rack solutions for data centers. The company says it invests in technologies to deliver cost-effective, workload-optimized and energy-efficient IT solutions from the cloud to the edge.

Wiwynn recently partnered with Hawe Telekom, a Polish telecommunications service provider, to introduce an edge data center data processing network. This collaboration aims to facilitate seamless streaming of online events with minimal latency.

Hawe Telekom collaborates with Wiwynn to meet the demand for an advanced content delivery network (CDN).

The edge data center data processing network utilizes a dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) transmission system, ensuring limitless data transmission, the companies say. This fiber optic technique multiplexes different wavelength signals onto a single fiber.

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