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EnCharge AI bolsters board and leadership team

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EnCharge AI bolsters board and leadership team

EnCharge AI, an AI chip and full stack solution developer, recently announced the addition of Donald (Don) J. Rosenberg to its board of directors and Jonny Morris as VP of government affairs and communications. This expansion follows a successful Series A $21.7 million funding round, bringing EnCharge AI’s total funding to over $40 million to develop its full-stack AI chipset further.

Don Rosenberg will contribute to the company’s technology and product development as a board member at EnCharge. He recently retired from his role as the executive vice president and general counsel at Qualcomm. Before that, he held positions at Apple and IBM.

Rosenberg is a venture partner at Anzu Partners and a Fellow in Residence at the Center on Global Transformation at the University of California San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy.

Recently, Rosenberg was appointed by the U.S. Commerce Department to the committee responsible for selecting a board of trustees for the National Semiconductor Center, a public-private partnership focused on the research and development of next-generation computer chips.

Rosenberg states that companies across all sectors need large-scale automation capabilities in today’s business landscape. However, they also require AI solutions that deliver optimal performance and efficiency in environments with limited power, energy and space.

“I’m excited to join the EnCharge AI Board and work alongside the other members to further advance the breakthrough AI solutions the team has developed to enable the immense potential of AI at scale from edge to cloud,” states Rosenburg.

New VP of government affairs and communications

Jonny Morris, previously the head of corporate affairs and public policy at Embark Technology, Inc, has recently joined EnCharge as VP of government affairs and communications. He played a role in driving the company’s growth from a start-up to a successful public entity. Jonny’s experience encompasses collaborations with government agencies, congress and law enforcement to establish regulatory frameworks for autonomous commercial vehicles.

Before Embark Trucks, Jonny held leadership roles in external affairs and public policy at Peloton Technology. As a Presidential Management Fellow, he advised policymakers on technology and innovation across the White House, Department of State, and Department of Defense. He is also a Robert Bosch Transatlantic Policy Fellow with a focus on tech and innovation policy.

According to Morris, EnCharge’s technology is being introduced at a crucial time, with industries and governments facing significant energy, cost, and national security impacts related to AI.

“I’m honored to join the EnCharge team as we commercialize innovative full-stack solutions that will ensure the sustainability, accessibility, and security of AI applications,” he adds.

“With the addition of Don to our board and Jonny to our executive team, our team has a strong foundation of technical and commercial expertise backing our efforts to bring our revolutionary in-memory-compute-based AI solutions to market,” comments Naveen Verma, co-founder of Encharge AI.

EnCharge AI provides AI solutions, specializing in scalable in-memory computing technology. With an emphasis on high performance and efficiency, EnCharge AI says it enables access to AI capabilities in power, energy and space-limited applications.

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