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Revolutionizing water treatment with machine learning at the edge

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Revolutionizing water treatment with machine learning at the edge

Discover how Acciona transformed its water treatment process, achieving groundbreaking efficiency and sustainability through the power of Adaptive AI and Edge Computing. 

In this detailed white paper, Barbara delves into Acciona’s journey to revolutionize water desalination, leveraging an MLOps methodology to enable real-time, optimized control of its operations, significantly reducing chemical use and associated costs.

Key highlights include:

  • Solving Complex Challenges: How Acciona tackled the inefficiencies of traditional water sample analysis, turning to edge AI for solutions.
  • Impressive Results: Achieving millions in annual savings, a boost in deploying new applications, and access to an extensive catalog of Edge AI applications.
  • Technical and Operational Insights: The white paper offers an in-depth look at the objectives, challenges, solutions, and remarkable outcomes of integrating Edge AI into water treatment processes.

Professionals in digital transformation, AI, Edge Computing, and sustainable infrastructure will find valuable insights on deploying AI models at the edge, optimizing operational strategies, and achieving scalability and efficiency across global operations.

Download the full white paper to explore how you can apply these insights to drive your organization’s digital transformation.

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