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Vodafone UK wins Mobile Innovation of the Year for edge computing at National Tech Awards

Vodafone UK wins Mobile Innovation of the Year for edge computing at National Tech Awards

Vodafone has been awarded the Mobile Innovation of the Year for multi-access edge computing technology (MEC) at the National Tech Awards. The technology is aimed to help enterprises and small businesses to leverage cloud computing using Vodafone’s mobile and fixed data networks. Vodafone MEC technology reduces the response time for data processing.

There are several partnerships with enterprises that combine 5G and MEC technologies to accelerate the edge computing deployment at scale. Digital Barriers and Sportable are two organizations that will be delivering real-time applications using Vodafone’s multi-access edge computing solution, Vodafone says.

Sportable has wearable embedded devices which are widely used in various sports, such as rugby to deliver real-time data insights to coaches and broadcasters. This edge sensor data takes 100+ milliseconds to reach the target device or platform to give detailed insights, but with the integration of Vodafone MEC, the latency is said to be reduced to under 20 milliseconds. The Vodafone MEC and 5G technology will also provide Sportable with the ability to use Vodafone servers to avoid installing hundreds of meters of cabling.

Digital Barriers’ EdgeVis BodyWorn Solution will use Vodafone MEC to deliver real-time video from the body cameras. The body-worm security cameras provide real-time video streams to deliver accurate and timely responses using multi-access edge computing. Through this, the security room is aware of the emergy situations and can act more quickly to incidents.

Vodafone mobile private networks provide both local compute (dedicated MEC), as well as cloud compute (distributed MEC). Vodafone 5G Standalone is a virtualized, cloud-native architecture that will allow the company to develop new services to deliver low-latency capabilities for future applications.

Vodafone has also collaborated with Amazon Web Services to provide cloud computing power to enterprises and organizations than using the traditional data centers. Vodafone claims it is currently the only network operator to provide 5G and multi-access edge computing technology across the European continent.

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