Video: Exploring the power of Flexential Fabric as enhanced connectivity become paramount

Flexential, a provider of secure and adaptable data center solutions, recently announced Flexential Fabric, its solution that represents the next generation, aiming to provide advanced, software-defined interconnection services. Flexential Fabric offers integration of both IP transit and private transport through a single port, a first in the industry.

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EdgeIR caught up with Ryan Mallory, chief operating officer at Flexential at the PTC’24 conference in Hawaii, where he unveils that this new groundbreaking approach allows Flexential customers to provision interconnection services via a user-friendly web interface, with scalable options tailored to various budgets.

Mallory notes that the Flexential Fabric is a comprehensive networking solution designed to address the evolving needs of businesses by providing a flexible, scalable, and high-performance networking infrastructure. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a vast network footprint, Flexential Fabric empowers organizations to optimize their IT environments, enhance agility, and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

Flexential intersects with edge computing through its infrastructure and services designed to support the distributed nature of edge computing architectures. Mallory reveals that Flexential does not chase hyperscale deployments, rather, the company is focused on mid-market enterprise.

The company offers managed services to support edge computing initiatives, including monitoring, security, and maintenance of edge infrastructure and applications. With Flexential’s managed services, businesses can offload the complexity of managing distributed edge environments and focus on innovating and delivering value to their customers.

When asked about AI, which remains a hot topic in today’s digital landscape, Mallory discusses his thoughts on the direction AI is heading and his predictions on how AI will be used across industries in the future.

Lastly, Mallory touches on sustainability in the sector, all that Flexential is doing as a company to push for a more environmentally friendly industry, and the company’s growth trajectory over the next two years. He also notes that the sector is seeing an increase in cooperation from the supply chain straight through to the customer.

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