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VictoriaMetrics tapped by Open Cosmos to monitor databases for edge computing in space

VictoriaMetrics tapped by Open Cosmos to monitor databases for edge computing in space

VictoriaMetrics offers a high-performance open-source time-series database monitoring system that allows users to build a monitoring solution without scalability and high operational overhead issues. The company recently announced its role in helping the multi-satellite data platform Open Cosmos with scalable edge computing capabilities.

Open Cosmos and VictoriaMetrics’ open-source platform will integrate a mission-critical satellite control and data distribution platform that will provide greater functionality, adaptability, and compatibility with a wide range of space tools. The combined solution will allow engineers to access telemetries to monitor the satellite’s health by storing, querying, and providing timely alerts on a range of ground metrics.

“The health of our customers’ space assets is highly important, and VictoriaMetrics’ monitoring is crucial for ensuring our satellites remain healthy, playing an indispensable role in powering our satellite alert system,” said Pep Rodeja, ground segment technical lead of Open Cosmos. “We needed an easy-to-use solution to seamlessly apply our knowledge about operating servers to the space sector at scale.”

As part of the joint solution, the Open Cosmos team will also use VictoriaMetrics’ vmagent to enable space engineering teams to control metrics from satellites and ground equipment. VictoriaMetrics will also provide the option to monitor ground systems related to the space infrastructure.

VictoriaMetrics’ vmagent is a lightweight component that helps users collect metrics from various sources and store them in the company’s database platform or any other Prometheus-compatible storage system. The vmaalert, another VictoriaMetrics’ component, executes a list of alerting rules to support retroactive rules backfilling.

Founded by former Google experts, Cloudflare scientists and Lyft engineers, VictoriaMetrics recently saw a boost in its adoption with over 50 million downloads and over one million GitHub downloads. The company also serves technical teams at Ably and the online SEO platform Semrush as part of its growing open-source community.

“The fact that VictoriaMetrics is completely open source has been a massive benefit too, allowing us to fork the technology to space-specific problems far beyond our initial expectations,” Rodeja said.

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