Vertiv adds power distribution products, providing building blocks for edge and mid-size data centers

Vertiv adds power distribution products, providing building blocks for edge and mid-size data centers

Vertiv has announced AC power distribution offerings that together or singularly will allow data centers to deploy faster, scale easily and operate more reliably. Vertiv Liebert MBX Busway and Vertiv Liebert TFX Power Distribution Unit each provide a modular approach that emphasizes user-focused interfaces and availability for the critical digital equipment. Both offerings are available now in North America.

Rapidly changing capacity demands present challenges to data center managers who face pressure to replace or add equipment quickly and without disruption to the IT load, and often require infrastructure growth without the luxury of additional space. These dynamic environments place a premium on safe, flexible, and reliable power distribution architectures.

“Power distribution today is more critical and more complex than ever before. Technology can play a role in simplifying power distribution to safely enable fast equipment changes and additions,” said Kyle Keeper, vice president of AC power product development and engineering for Vertiv. “Individually, Vertiv Liebert MBX busway and Liebert TFX power distribution unit can simplify and improve reliability for growing data centers. Operating together, they optimize flexibility and efficiency.”

The Vertiv Liebert MBX Busway is ideal for dynamic data center environments that require scalable power distribution to deliver total cost optimization and support adaptation over time as demands change. User friendly tap-off boxes can be placed anywhere along the track for ease of distributing power to equipment racks and feature a ground-first/break-last design with mechanical interlock that ensure user safety. The Liebert MBX Busway supports capacities ranging from 250 to 800 amps and can be configured to support a variety of recepticle options to align with rack PDUs.

To better serve small to mid-sized data centers and colocation facilities, the Vertiv Liebert TFX PDU models deliver 150-300 kVA power in a compact footprint that supports a broad array of installation and landing needs. It can be installed in a corner or against a wall, saving space in tight areas. The transformer-based Liebert TFX PDU offers enhanced Liebert DPM monitoring capabilities for visibility to circuit loads and breaker status via an easy-to-use interface designed for IT and facility managers. The Liebert TFX can be configured for use with busway or remote power panels to support distribution directly to rack PDUs. Isolated panelboards are also available to further enhance the safety of changes and onsite maintenance.

Liebert MBX and Liebert TFX join Vertiv’s power distribution portfolio, which includes Liebert room-based power distribution units (PDUs) and Geist rack PDUs.

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