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Versa Networks launches unified SASE gateway to redefine scalability

Versa Networks launches unified SASE gateway to redefine scalability

Versa Networks has announced a new line of Unified SASE gateways that deliver 100+ Gbps throughput to meet the industry’s need for compute scale. The company says new gateways combine high-performance hardware with the Versa Operating System (VOS), enabling organizations to consolidate networking and security functions into a single gateway.

SASE is a cloud architecture model integrating network and security-as-a-service functions into a unified cloud service. The SASE market is growing as enterprises embrace digital transformations. This includes adopting cloud technologies, edge computing, collaboration tools and hybrid workforces. According to Dell’Oro Group’s forecast report, enterprises may invest around $34 billion from 2022 to 2027 in single-vendor SASE solutions.

According to Bob Laliberte, the principal analyst at Tech Target’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), his company’s research shows a need to consolidate security and network functions at the network edge to enable digital transformation.

“However, without enough compute this could have a negative impact on user experience,” adds Laliberte. “The performance enhancements to Versa’s Unified SASE solution eliminate performance/security trade-offs for organizations and enable a Zero Trust security model to be applied at the edge, ensuring a strong and secure user experience.”

Consolidating security and network functions into a single application on a single gateway has posed challenges regarding throughput and performance. Enterprises have had to trade between security and network performance/user experience.

Versa introduces two new high-performance appliances, the Versa CSG5000 and Dell PowerEdge R7515, providing over 100 Gbps throughput. When combined with VOS, these appliances offer unprecedented performance, including up to 120 Gbps of firewall throughput, 100 Gbps of SD-WAN throughput and 40 Gbps of Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) throughput.

Versa notes that VOS’s high throughput accelerates computationally intensive processes like encryption/decryption and deep packet inspection. VOS’s single-pass architecture enables high-performance SASE by processing each packet once and applying consistent policies across all network and security functions, the company adds.

VOS is Versa’s converged SASE software stack.. With single-pass parallel processing architecture, Versa says VOS enables deployment in various environments and supports critical security functions. The single-pass architecture also provides efficient packet processing and consistent policy application for high-performance SASE.

According to Apurva Mehta, Versa co-founder and CTO, the traditional approach of using individual appliances and SASE services increases costs and complexity without meeting modern organizations’ computing and performance requirements.

“Our Unified SASE gateways offer a higher magnitude of performance than previously seen in the industry,” adds Mehta.

Versa CSG5000 and Dell PowerEdge R7515 are now available for purchase.

In December, Versa was selected by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to deliver SD-WAN, Zero Trust access and Customer Edge Security Stack (CESS) capabilities for Thunderdome. This partnership empowers DISA users with conditional zero trust access at the network edge.

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