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Veritas Technologies introduces a unified cloud-native data management platform

Veritas Technologies introduces a unified cloud-native data management platform

Veritas Technologies, a multi-cloud data management solutions provider, has launched Veritas Alta, a cloud-native data management platform to help enterprises transition mission-critical workloads to the cloud. Veritas Technologies also launched the Veritas Alta View. In this cloud-based management console, the user can view and control data across the edge, in data centers and in the cloud.

Veritas claims that the current cloud service providers deliver basic functionalities wherein the enterprise customer has limited access to its data. The Veritas Alta offers enterprise-grade capabilities, cost management optimization, cross-cloud data mobility, and mission application visibility. The company takes measures to protect customer data from ransomware attacks and maintain its availability on the cloud as part of a shared responsibility with the customer’s service provider.

“Our approach to multi-cloud brings more than 30 years in enterprise-class data management innovation to bear as we address the unique needs of the cloud,” said Greg Hughes, chief executive officer at Veritas. “Veritas Alta advances our mission to empower customers to own and control their data no matter where it resides — on-premise or in the cloud — while reducing the operational complexity and costs associated with managing multi-cloud environments.”

Veritas Alta data management platform has three key characteristics: data protection, application resiliency and data compliance. Veritas Alta data protection and recovery is based on the Cloud Scale Technology concept, wherein the company provides its customers with a choice of consumption models. The data protection feature combines automation, AI and flexible architecture. Application resiliency offers enterprise-grade data availability and enables application portability across clouds. Data compliance allows enterprises to capture data from all communication platforms and automate content classification.

Veritas Alta View integrates the Veritas analytics engine to provide comprehensive reporting, actionable insights and a complete view of its cybersecurity architecture. The Veritas analytics engine is a proven tool that reduced IT management costs by 90 percent and realized a 28 percent reduction in IT resource consumption in the cloud.

Regarding edge computing, enterprises have adopted strategies that allow data to be available anytime via multi-cloud management. The Veritas Alta data management platform is designed to deploy edge applications and monitor the corresponding data to build value propositions.

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