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Microclimates joins Veea, Trilogy Networks to create end-to-end precision farming solution

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Microclimates joins Veea, Trilogy Networks to create end-to-end precision farming solution

Veea and Trilogy Networks have announced a new precision agriculture solution. The companies say it gives businesses a more efficient way to collect, compute, transport and protect data at the edge while reducing costs.

Veea and Trilogy have partnered with Microclimates to provide a precision agriculture platform featuring Microclimates’ universal control system, which monitors the temperature, humidity, CO2, watering and ambient light. The scalable system offers 24/7 monitoring and alerts.

“With modular and open software and sensor applications, we instrument the environmental automation for everything from lighting to irrigation, nutrient dosing, predictive alerting, and data-driven solutions,” stated Neda Vaseghi, the CEO of Microclimates.

The precision farming market is anticipated to grow in the coming years, with MarketsandMarkets predicting that it will climb from 8.5 billion in 2022 to 15.6 billion by 2030, at a compound annual growth rate of 7.9%.

Hurst Farms & Greenery of Westboro, Missouri, implemented the new solution. The company has a total cultivation area of 130,000 square feet in 30 greenhouses and over 1,000 acres dedicated to corn and soybean crops.

“Trilogy brought us a complete greenhouse automation solution, integrating Veea’s edge and cloud computing and orchestration capabilities, and Microclimate’s software and sensors system fully integrated, which simplified the initial implementation and ongoing monitoring and management,” said Blake Hurst.

Immediately, Hurst said he noticed the advantages of this technology. He saw healthier plants, more revenue, reduced energy and water costs, and improved productivity since automation allows us to monitor and control our greenhouses from afar.

Before modern cultivation solutions, the companies said operators faced a deluge of issues such as inconsistent temperature measurement, inability to control humidity and a lack of real-time information.

Trilogy’s FarmGrid solution, powered by Veea and Microclimates, provides indoor farming operators with private enterprise wireless connectivity (including 5G) and programmable wireless controllers. With Microclimate’s technology, users gain access to a customizable dashboard that allows them to define their own rules, the companies say.

They claim that the Veea Platform provides secure Wi-Fi and multi-protocol IoT connectivity for collecting temperature and humidity data in greenhouses. This data is then sent to the Microclimates edge controller platform.

“With precision horticulture solutions, and with real-time data leveraged along with automation to ensure predictable growth, farmers can do more for less and grow their businesses even as they grow premium plants and produce,” said Mark Tubinis, the chief commercial officer at Veea.

Opti-Harvest, a provider of agricultural technology solutions, recently selected Veea to power its new Opti-View precision agriculture platform. This platform promises to change how farmers leverage their land and resources by granting them access to comprehensive data and control over farming operations.

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