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Veea rolls out vTPN security edge service

Smart edge connectivity and computing firm Veea Inc. has announced the availability of its Virtual Trusted Private Network (vTPN) Security as a Service solution. The vTPN solution, which is secured by Privafy. provides enterprise-grade security in a highly integrated package for the SMB/SME customer.

According to the announcement, tvTPN integrates Privafy’s carrier-grade data-in-motion security software with VeeaHub Smart Edge Nodes (SENs) to offer a full spectrum of protection against cyberattacks, unauthorized access and intrusion, malware, DOS/DDOS attacks, malicious service interruption, ransomware, and botnets.

The company notes that vTPN addresses the security and connectivity needs of businesses lacking dedicated IT resources, such as SMBs and SMEs. The vTPN solution combines Privafy’s cloud-based software and VeeaHub Smart Edge Nodes into a single product that delivers security along with robust and flexible networking and server capabilities, which are becoming increasingly important at the network’s device-edge.

“Many enterprise and SMB security solutions were built for a centralized datacenter model, says Guru Pai, CEO and Founder, Privafy. “But today’s businesses are leveraging cloud services and supporting remote workforces, requiring a dramatic rethinking of the IT architecture, and how to protect the data traversing it. One of the most vulnerable areas is the device-edge of the network. By integrating Privafy’s comprehensive Data-in-Motion protection with Veea’s Smart Edge Nodes, Veea can offer all business environments a comprehensive solution at a fraction of the cost of legacy point solutions.”

“As a result of working with Privafy since 2019, our vTPN solution provides one of the most advanced edge security solutions in the industry. We are currently in customer trials that require business network access from headquarters, remote branch offices, home offices, and mobile devices on public cellular networks,” adds Allen Salmasi, CEO of Veea. “The vTPN solution illustrates the value of integrating network and server functionality with third-party applications to offer unique, high-performance solutions that meet the needs of SMBs – they are easy to deploy, manage and maintain at the device-edge of the network.”

VeeaHubs offer flexible wired and wireless connectivity, including 4G LTE, Wi-Fi Mesh, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and LoRaWAN, as well as compute resources for application processing into a single integrated, cost-effective smart edge node for unparalleled flexibility and management simplicity. The cloud-managed vTPN solution provides a high degree of data security through the use of access controls for inbound and outbound traffic, unique concurrent multi-key encryption for site-to-site connections, content inspection and filtering, and application control, all without degrading connection performance or service availability.

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