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Vantiq pairs developer tools with Hyve Dynamics’ sensors; worker safety among first applications


Vantiq has partnered with Hyve Dynamics to help develop a new generation of remote monitoring products that process sensory data in real time, paving the way for industries to gain breakthrough operational efficiency at unparalleled low cost.

Hyve’s cutting-edge sensor technology offers a precise and economical way for companies to collect and use real-time data. Examples of industries that can benefit include aerospace, automotive, gaming and health care. Hyve will use Vantiq’s low-code, real-time, event-driven architecture as the developmental underpinning for its future solutions.

Vantiq recently launched its Back-to-Work Accelerator product, which enables software developers to rapidly build real-time applications for safeguarding workplaces against the spread of COVID-19. The Back-to-Work Accelerator enables software developers to rapidly build real-time applications for safeguarding workplaces against the spread of COVID-19, allowing developers to go from concept to large-scale deployments in a matter of weeks.

“There’s a pressing need for great tools that people can use to process data in real time,” explains Marty Sprinzen, co-founder and CEO of Vantiq. “We’re excited to help Hyve deliver products that offer situational awareness for organizations to better understand their environment and pinpoint potential health issues that might put people at risk.”

Hyve’s sensor technology solutions seek to revolutionize the standards for data harvesting across multiple industries. With more precise data in hand, Hyve’s clients are able to reap improved performance and replace costly, less robust legacy technologies and methods.

Hyve intends to use Vantiq’s platform to help advance its work on developing remote healthcare monitoring solutions that organizations can deploy to rapidly spot early signs of virus infections in their workforce.

“As we tentatively enter COVID-19 recovery, schools and businesses and governments need to address the ‘fear factor.’ People need to feel safe,” says Hyve Dynamics CEO Cecilia Harvey. “Hyve’s sensor skin is our core technology, allowing us to develop solutions such as health monitoring armbands. Our armbands offer proactive identification of many of the key symptoms related to coronavirus such as temperature, heart rate, respiration, and blood oxygen levels. The products we build using Vantiq will lead to effective detection solutions that protect employees and customers. It could also boost organizational reputation by giving differentiation and illustrating corporate responsibility in the fight against COVID-19. The ability to have data that can proactively alert an organization of when there is a potential issue is a game changer.”

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