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Magna, NorthStar team up to boost advanced driver assistance using 5G tech

Magna, NorthStar team up to boost advanced driver assistance using 5G tech

Magna, a mobility technology company, has partnered with NorthStar, Telia Sweden and Ericsson‘s 5G industrial innovation program to enhance its automated driving capabilities.

They have established a private 5G network at Magna’s test track in Vargarda, Sweden, where they are trialing advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) solutions for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity.

The company notes that Magna’s involvement in NorthStar allows access to 5G millimeter wave technology, enabling low latency gigabit speeds and connectivity for ADAS trials. Additionally, it supports ongoing research on joint sensing and communication systems.

Bill Snider, the president of Magda Electronics, states that leveraging the latest advancements in mobile networks can enhance sensors in the automotive domain. This situation, in turn, allows the company to offer more capable and competitive ADAS products, he continues.

“Our focus is not only on meeting challenging technical requirements but also on developing products that can help anticipate critical situations to prevent accidents, ultimately making the roads safer for all,” Snider adds.

Magna’s test track will utilize the 5G network for high-speed data transfer and low latency. The company says this network is vital for Magna’s driving automation and driver support systems. Fast network speeds and quick response times are essential for alerts and accident prevention.

According to the company, NorthStar leverages Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G core to connect with Telia’s public 5G network. This synergy allows Magna to enjoy high-speed connectivity across vast geographical areas, Magna continues.

Magnus Leonhardt, the head of innovation and strategy at Telia Sweden’s enterprise business unit, says: “As an industry leader in ADAS technologies, Magna is exactly the kind of company we envisioned joining us when we started the NorthStar program. The solutions they develop are based on the premise that vehicles and road users can share data in near real-time. To achieve that requires ultra-fast and reliable connectivity that you can trust, and that is precisely what 5G has been developed for.”

Magna says its ADAS technology enhances driver safety by reducing the risk of accidents through steering, braking, and acceleration control.

Nora Wahby, the head of Northern and Central Europe at Ericsson, states: “Ericsson’s 5G mmWave technology enables a broad set of use cases with its low latency and very high speeds that will be key for new time-sensitive safety applications”.

Magna is a mobility technology company that has been in business for over sixty-five years. It has a network of manufacturing operations, product development centers and sales centers in 29 countries.

NorthStar is a 5G innovation program by Telia and Ericsson aimed at helping industrial companies transform connected businesses. It aims to accelerate the adoption of 5G, a connectivity standard for vehicles and infrastructure applications.

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