The rugged edge survival guide

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The rugged edge survival guide

Data is the new gold, with tangible impact on real-time intelligent insights for better business decisions.

Achieving real-time decision making and predictive analytics is an increasingly strategic goal among industrial operations – an imperative fueled by rapid digital transformation and a growing appetite for automation upgrades across cyber-physical deployments from IT to OT infrastructure.

This eBook by Premio will highlight how edge computing is moving technology and processing close to where data is generated from IoT sensors – and how rugged edge computing is advancing this strategy into more challenging physical surroundings with dedicated hardware technologies and strategies.

You will learn about:

– Key industry trends shaping new opportunities for rugged edge computing.
– What key technologies from compute, storage, and connectivity are beneficial at the edge.
– How Rugged Edge computers process critical data in real- time before offloading to the cloud.

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