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Telstra unveils Industry 4.0 solutions for heavy industries in Australia

Telstra unveils Industry 4.0 solutions for heavy industries in Australia

Telstra has introduced an industrial automation capability that promises to enhance some of Australia’s largest industries. According to the company, its portfolio of technologies will make industries smarter, safer, cleaner, more productive and more secure.

According to Telstra Enterprise Group Executive David Burns, the heavy industries in Australia, such as mining, construction, supply chain, and manufacturing, are dealing with complicated obstacles.

“Our ambition is to work hand-in-hand with businesses to help solve their biggest problems – complex issues like siloed IT and OT systems, heightened cyber security risks, environmental management, technical skills shortages, and managing legacy systems,” says Burns.

Telstra says its Purple suite of services brings together Aqura Technologies and Alliance Automation, as well as Quantium, a joint venture in data science and AI, with Telstra’s 5G, fiber and IoT networks for Industry 4.0.

“When people think of Telstra, they often think about networks,” comments Brown. “But we’re so much more than that now. This means we can now offer an end-to-end service to help businesses maximize the potential of Industry 4.0 and tackle the unique challenges and opportunities each customer faces as they embrace it.”

Telstra says its industrial automation solutions range from private networks to IoT, IT/OT integration, cybersecurity, analytics and AI, cloud and edge computing, and professional and managed services.

According to Burns, the collaboration between Telstra’s technology and expertise could significantly impact heavy industries in Australia, especially for the employees working in these industries.

“For example, we’ve been working with Newcrest and Ericsson to trial underground private 4G and 5G networks at their Cadia gold mine,” adds Brown. “This can enable high-bandwidth, low-latency communications essential for the next generation of mining automation and ultimately protecting Newcrest’s biggest asset – its people.”

Recently, Telstra made news earlier this year for constructing three new teleports across Australia. These teleports will provide satellite gateway services for OneWeb in the Southern Hemisphere.

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