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Telit Cinterion and Alif jointly develop Vision AppKit, a postage stamp-sized camera

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Telit Cinterion and Alif jointly develop Vision AppKit, a postage stamp-sized camera

Telit Cinterion, a company specializing in IoT solutions, has partnered with Alif Semiconductor, a provider of MCUs and processors, to develop Vision AppKit, a postage stamp-sized camera platform. The Vision AppKit serves as a reference design for connected camera platforms with a focus on edge AI capabilities and small form factor.

The hardware utilizes the Alif’s Ensemble E3 series microcontroller, complemented by Telit’s range of wireless technology modules, including LTE-M, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

According to Telit Cinterion, the camera platform is engineered to optimize power efficiency for edge artificial intelligence tasks. The company believes that the design is particularly advantageous for battery-operated IoT devices that require to operate for extended periods without maintenance.

One of the key features of the Vision AppKit camera platform is its AI power management, termed aiPM technology. This dynamically powers only the parts of the logic that are in use at any given time, reducing the overall system power consumption by avoiding the wasteful powering of inactive components. The integration of dual-core Ensemble E3 microcontroller with aiPM technology enhances the system’s performance.

“The Vision AppKit AI camera reference design incorporates highly efficient processing capability to deliver small form factor camera solutions for object detection and image classification in a secure way,” says Reza Kazerounian, co-founder and president at Alif Semiconductor.

The Alif Semiconductor’s Ensemble E3 microcontroller offers advanced capabilities for reduced inference times for AI camera vision tasks, such as object detection, face recognition, and image classification.

The integration of wireless connectivity modules from Telit Cinterion are the ME310 and WE310 modules in the hardware system.

The ME310 module is tailored for large-scale implementation of compact designs for a variety of IoT applications that include monitoring and tracking. The device features extended discontinuous reception that extends the time interval between when a device needs to check for network signals.

Additionally, the WE310 module integrates single-band Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 5.0).

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