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Telco Systems to transform the edge with the launch of Edgility r6

Telco Systems to transform the edge with the launch of Edgility r6

Telco Systems has introduced Edgility release 6 (r6), a solution that aims to harness the power of Kubernetes and containers to create an intelligent edge.

According to the company, organizations can build and operate virtual networks with edge devices and application schemes using the technology, empowering enterprises, communications service providers and system integrators.

Edgility now supports Kubernetes, Docker and Kubevirt agents at the edge, enabling the deployment and execution of workloads with containers and virtual machines across the edge continuum, Telco System notes.

The company says Edgility enhances Kubernetes to address the challenges of managing and scaling edge applications, allowing global organizations and service providers to standardize application delivery and unlock new possibilities.

With an active-active high-availability cluster, it offers uninterrupted operations in demanding scenarios. Telco notes that the release enhances edge deployment with a user-friendly visual experience for workload design.

According to Ziv Koren, the chief product officer at Telco Systems, the platform builds upon the experience of Telco Systems with large-scale edge deployments.

“Edgility r6 fully represents our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that simplify and optimize the edge, enabling businesses to remain competitive in an ever-evolving landscape,” adds Koren.

Edgility uses AI accelerator support to integrate AI-based business applications and network functions in a single workload. The company says this connection between the edge and the cloud/data center optimizes computing resources, boosting the operational efficiency of the intelligent edge.

Telco Systems also recently received the “Best Business App Deployment & Lifecycle Management Platform 2023” award from The Business Concept for its Edgility platform.

The Business Concept award acknowledges businesses for their ongoing excellence in specific domains.

Edgility is an edge computing platform that provides a dual-purpose solution for deploying and managing edge devices. With Kubernetes integration, Telco says it enables versatile workloads by combining containers and virtual machines for enhanced flexibility and efficiency. With multi-tenancy support, the company claims the platform offers secure data separation and improved data security.

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