Deploying adaptive AI in distributed water plants - Barbara Accoina



Gaia-X project defines network architecture for Euro cloud, edge services

The Gaia-X project Tellus, led by Internet Exchange (IX) operator DE-CIX, has defined its technical architecture for current use cases….


Mixed first year for Gaia-x, Europe’s declaration of cloud independence

How is Europe’s cloud project, Gaia-x faring? The initiative was launched last year, with the broad aim of creating a…


Atos signs up to Catena-X, the EMEA automotive cloud initiative for data

Systems integrator Atos has signed up to the European industry cloud initiative, Catena-X. With Catena-X, European manufacturers and carmakers have…


Deutsche Telekom launches open platform for the Internet of Things

Deutsche Telekom has announced plans to radically simplify the complex Internet of Things via a unique platform that brings all…


From core to edge cloud, France and Germany declare cloud sovereignty with Gaia-X

Unwilling to remain dependent on U.S. and Chinese cloud providers, almost two dozen French and German firms have started a…

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