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EdgeCortix introduces SAKURA-II edge AI accelerator for genAI applications

EdgeCortix, a Japanese fabless semiconductor company, has unveiled the SAKURA-II edge AI accelerator, specifically designed to deliver high performance and…


Implementing 24/7 carbon-free energy for a data center

The data center industry continuously seeks measures to increase efficiency while incorporating more sustainability in its operations and within new…


Iceotope delivers telco edge server solutions with HPE and Intel

Iceotope, a provider of precision liquid cooling systems, is offering a new server developed in partnership with Intel and HPE….


EdgeCortix’s Sakura-I chip selected by BittWare for AI inference solutions

BittWare, an embedded hardware manufacturer, has incorporated the Sakura-I chip into its AI inference-optimized ASIC-based acceleration solutions. Sakura-I is a…


Axelera AI secures a total of $50M in funding in 20 months to develop edge AI chips

Axelera AI, a Dutch company specializing in edge AI chip design and software, says overwhelming interest and demand have led…


Stanford study shows magnet-based memory is attractive for edge AI training

A group of researchers from Stanford University School of Engineering introduced a metallic compound as a potential solution for enhancing…


NTT, MIT Researchers develop technique for efficient AI on IoT edge devices

A group of scientists, including researchers from NTT Research, MIT and the Physics and Informatics (PHI) Lab, recently demonstrated a…


Iceotope, Intel, HPE, nVent unite to develop Kul Extreme for Open RAN tech

Iceotope’s new Kul Extreme. Source: Isotope Technologies Iceotope Technologies, a company offering precision liquid cooling systems, has developed Kul (Ku:l…


Scientists develop semiconductor material for energy-efficient AI computing

A team of scientists from the University of Michigan unveiled a 5nm ferroelectric semiconductor material, paving the way for more…


Nokia forges 5G partnerships for industrial robots, energy efficient coverage

Telecom giant Nokia will demonstrate real-time robot fleet management using private 5G wireless with Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) in Germany….

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