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Edgecast launches serverless edge computing platform ahead of Edgio rebrand

Edgecast has debuted Functions@Edge, a serverless Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform to ease the transition to edge computing for enterprises. The company…


CDN second-quarter earnings wrap: who has an edge in serverless growth?

It’s time for earnings reports again, and a look at the results from the major content delivery networks is offering…


‘Cold starts’ for serverless Javascript a problem no more says Fastly as it launches new edge service

Fastly, Inc. has announced the availability of JavaScript in Compute@Edge, allowing developers to build with even more flexibility in Fastly’s…


Akamai tries to counter Cloudflare with free tier for edge application service

Akamai recently announced enhancements designed to enable Akamai customers to create and deliver even more exceptional user experiences at the edge….


AR company leverages Fastly for authentication at the edge

NexTech AR Solutions recently announced that with the help of global edge cloud platform Fastly it achieved a breakthrough in…

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