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AR company leverages Fastly for authentication at the edge

NexTech AR Solutions recently announced that with the help of global edge cloud platform Fastly it achieved a breakthrough in enterprise video security. The company says its implementation of JWT with Fastly brings token authentication to the edge greatly enhancing security and performance.

NexTech AR describes itself as an emerging industry leader in augmented reality for e-commerce, education & training applications and branded entertainment experiences.

“We are always looking at ways to enhance security,” explains InfernoAR CTO Mark Pace. “That we were able to push authentication to the edge to not only increase security, but also performance is a huge win. With the assistance of Fastly we were able to edge compute JWT putting the first line of defense as close to the user as possible.”

“InfernoAR is a category killer product for NexTech,” adds Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech AR. “InfernoAR is the world’s most advanced SaaS AR Video Conferencing and Video Learning Experience Platform for Events.”

As the platform services many Fortune 500 businesses, security is a core feature of InfernoAR. Token authentication allows the CDNs to reject serving videos to unauthorized users, by taking the JWT authentication to the edge security is pushed closer to the user and load is taken off the core application.

As Fastly continues to offer more edge compute services, Pace sees InfernoAR moving additional features to the edge. Functions such as playlist rewriting, used to service iOS devices, can be moved to the edge further enhancing performance. “I’m looking forward to moving more of our basic services to the edge to remove load from the core to add more reliability and reduce latency as we move all of these closer to the user.”

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