Sysdig eases Kubernetes troubleshooting pain with new Advisor in monitoring tools

Sysdig eases Kubernetes troubleshooting pain with new Advisor in monitoring tools

Sysdig, a solutions provider for secure and reliable cloud development, has announced the availability of a new Kubernetes troubleshooting feature that will help developers manage cloud and edge applications.

Sysdig Advisor is a new Kubernetes troubleshooting feature in Sysdig Monitor, a cloud monitoring platform with full Prometheus compatibility. Troubleshooting Kubernetes require more details than the metrics provided even in command line tools.

The company says Sysdig Advisor is capable of providing all the information needed to solve performance and availability issues, removing the dependence and context-switching needed to cross-examine data such as logs, dashboards, and command lines.

The Sysdig Advisor shows performance details and prioritizes relevant troubleshooting data to help developers mitigate problems in the Kubernetes environment. It is part of Sysdig Monitor, which is designed to provide visibility across containers, Kubernetes, and the cloud to get a high-level overview of clusters, pods, and namespaces by exploring metrics and topologies. Sysdig Monitor is compatible with Prometheus, including PromQL and exporter. The integration of Sysdig Advisor in the Monitor platform provides the ability to present all relevant capacity, events, alerts, and troubleshooting information.

“When we get an alert for a problem in our Kubernetes environment, troubleshooting can involve multiple tools and teams which increases our MTTR. Having this information at our fingertips in Sysdig Advisor will help us understand and resolve these problems more quickly,” said Jeff Henson, DevOps Engineer, Experian Health, Inc.

Sysdig Advisor also reduces troubleshooting resource count by eliminating the dependency on blogs, dashboards, logs, and command-line outputs that are typically used to troubleshoot the Kubernetes environment. The platform provides a simple user interface to provide all the important details needed for troubleshooting with the option for “how to fix it?” Security teams do not generally provide access to command-line tools such as kubectl, which would present a security risk. However, with Sysdig Advisor, the developer can get access to the same level of information without violating security controls.

According to Canonical’s 2021 Kubernetes and cloud-native operations report, about 54% of the organizations lack the skills to effectively manage Kubernetes environments. Recently, Komodor landed funding of $42M led by Tiger Global to focus on solving challenges of “Day 2” Kubernetes operation. Troubleshooting Kubernetes and resolving incidents at scale can become a complex task for enterprise applications. However, tools like Sysdig Advisor accelerate the troubleshooting by up to 10x, the company claims.

“Kubernetes is complex, with countless components and variables that make it difficult to understand how, why, and when something goes wrong. Any SRE knows the pain of wading through multiple tools and getting multiple teams involved when troubleshooting an alert,” said Loris Degioanni, founder and CTO at Sysdig. “Now with Sysdig Advisor, they can efficiently debug issues and get back to work on deploying new releases.”

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