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SUSE Edge 2.0 offers cloud-native management edge solutions for enterprises

SUSE Edge 2.0 offers cloud-native management edge solutions for enterprises

SUSE has announced a full range of upgrades to its SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) Micro, Rancher and SUSE NeuVector products. The upgrades are part of SUSE Edge 2.0, a cloud-native edge management solution with integrated security across the entire stack, from applications to Kubernetes to operating systems. The new advancements will enable customers to speed up and scale their edge infrastructure.

SUSE says Edge 2.0 is a secure and scalable platform that centralizes and automates Kubernetes and Linux operating system lifecycle management across distributed edge locations. According to SUSE points to research from Gartner and the Linux Foundation, that predicts an increase in enterprise-managed data processed outside the data center or cloud as rationale for its development plans.

“The amalgamation of cloud-native technologies, increased computing speeds, and artificial intelligence is accelerating edge computing,” said Keith Basil, SUSE general manager of edge. “To meet this demand and continue our innovation, we will significantly expand investment in our edge business in 2023.”

Some capabilities of SUSE Edge 2.0 solutions are as follows:

  • Reduced operational complexity for unsupervised edge locations — The integrated cloud-native platform is a cost-efficient and centralized solution for unsupervised distributed edge locations. It also reduces the IT skills required for enterprises to deploy cloud-native applications at the edge.
  • Ability to manage Kubernetes and the operating system — The user can control and manage Kubernetes and the underlying operating system from a unified platform. Enterprise customers can also use clock break-fix support and expert consulting services.
  • Upgrade to the operating system built for edge use cases — SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.3, designed for containerized and virtualized Kubernetes edge workloads, is now integrated with Rancher. The upgrade provides the deployment efficiency of the SLE Micro 5.3. It allows customers to manage the OS and Kubernetes from a single dashboard.
  • Integrated security for the distributed edge environment — Retaining top-level security is paramount for any company expanding its edge deployments. SUSE Edge 2.0 solutions allow the customer to use SLE Micro for defense and government applications as it now meets commercial cybersecurity product certification standards.

SUSE also says NeuVector provides updates for customers to efficiently and effectively scan for vulnerabilities and control access across multiple clusters. Scanners are centrally managed and auto-scaled, and the system supports Kubernetes pod security admission standards.

“In typical industrial shop floor environments, operational technologies to control automation systems are very difficult to integrate into IT systems. SLE Micro, K3s, Rancher and NeuVector in our industrial solutions bridge the gap between the shop floor and IT. For our customers, the above components allow for enterprise IT-grade standardization, security and compliance throughout the whole life cycle of the automation solution.” said Dr. Stefan Odermatt, senior vice president of Global Business Center Systems Research & Development at SICK AG.

SUSE recently announced the integration of SUSE Rancher, K3s and SUSE Linux Enterprise on the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud service platform. The announcement follows its 25-year-long partnership with HPE to deliver efficient management of Kubernetes workloads at the enterprise edge.

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