SureCore, Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies team up to propel ReRAM technology

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SureCore, Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies team up to propel ReRAM technology

SureCore and Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies have announced a joint effort to accelerate the market introduction of Intrinsic’s resistive random-access memory (ReRAM) technology.

The technology offers a pathway for System-on-Chip (SoC) developers seeking embedded non-volatile storage solutions for nodes of 22nm and smaller since flash memory is no longer a viable option.

Paul Wells, CEO of SureCore, says: “It has been a small step to extend this service to encompass Intrinsic’s ReRAM technology and exploit our design environment to deliver the associated verification and characterization environments underpinning the value of a compiler. The use of a memory compiler is essential to maximise the commercial potential of a new memory such as ReRAM.”

ReRAM’s features include SRAM access times and flash-like density. It aims to transform applications in various industries, including automotive, medical, wearables, AI, edge AI and AIoT.

Mark Dickinson, CEO of Intrinsic, states that the SureCore sureFIT service is supported by tools that could save years of development time if similar solutions had to be built from scratch. Additionally, the optimized tools and techniques of SureCore enable memory creation with minimal power consumption and maximum density.

He adds, “Both microcontrollers and evolving AI architectures using Intrinsic ReRAM will deliver higher performance at lower power envelopes than those realized using off-chip flash.”

Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies is a startup company founded by researchers from University College London (UCL) in 2017. It specializes in commercializing novel memristive ReRAM devices developed by Prof Tony Kenyon and Dr Adnan Mehonic at UCL’s Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

Intrinsic’s approach addresses the memory bottleneck in data-intensive applications by enabling the integration of fast, affordable and low-power memory on the same chip as processors.

SureCore is a specialist in embedded memory and offers ultra-low power solutions. Its portfolio includes memory design services and standard IP products that assist the IC design community in meeting power budgets. With low-power engineering methodologies and diverse product offerings, SureCore says it helps customers achieve market differentiation.

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