, Ori form joint cloud app management solution for edge infrastructure, Ori form joint cloud app management solution for edge infrastructure

Fellow British edge infrastructure companies and Ori Industries have announced a joint solution forming a cloud platform for application deployment and management across the edge.

The partnership will bring together Sunlight’s micro-cloud conversion capabilities and Ori’s Global Edge Platform that supports workload provisioning across public, telecom, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructures into a single distributed cloud from a central management dashboard. It will allow applications to be provisioned and managed for enterprises and edge locations.

Melissa Doré, the vice president of partnerships at Ori, writes in a blog post that the combined solution will help reduce costs through consolidating in-location edge applications, speed up operations and time-to-market with automation, and accelerate innovation by easing the deployment and updating of new applications across edge locations.

The two companies envision their joint solution for use in key verticals like quick service retail, logistics, manufacturing, telecoms, and utilities. It will also support compute-intensive and custom requirements for case uses such as AI, machine vision, and machine learning.

Sunlight has also partnered with Safozi and Avnet Integrated, while Ori joined hands with VMware.

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