Deploying AI Models at the Edge launches Edge-as-a-Service digital storefront with Avnet Integrated launches Edge-as-a-Service digital storefront with Avnet Integrated

Edge infrastructure provider has partnered with Avnet Integrated on a new Edge-as-a-Service digital storefront.

The new service will enable channel partners to access a portal offering pre-configured edge infrastructure solutions, including hardware, software, and centralized management.

By using the storefront, firms will be able to transform their individual locations into “micro-clouds” consolidating both legacy and new services onto a small footprint stack of hardware, according to Nicole Enright, president of Avnet Integrated.

“Enabling companies like to achieve exponential growth, by providing a thorough concept-to-deployment platform is our mission at Avnet Integrated,” Enright explained.

“This is especially relevant in the hyper-growth edge computing market where innovative solution providers like need a partner that can scale integration services globally, and scale customer reach and capital utilization through e-commerce and end-user financial solutions.”

The partnership will see Avnet Integrated deliver a number of edge servers like the Lenovo SE350 and Supermicro E300 with a pre-installed copy of the Sunlight platform.

After the delivery to the required edge locations, customers can simply power up and plug the machines into a network, according to Sunlight and Avnet. Customers’ equipment will then automatically connect to a central management dashboard, which will allow for the installation of a number of certified and tested applications.

“The nature of edge projects requires large numbers of devices to be deployed either across multiple sites, for example across a chain of fast-food restaurants, or multiple production lines, for example in an industrial manufacturing facility,” explained Sunlight CSO Andrew Brewerton.

“It’s important for system integrators and resellers to quickly and seamlessly deploy edge-appropriate platforms running on edge-appropriate servers to get the cost and space efficiencies needed in large-scale projects.”

The Edge-as-a-Service digital storefront is initially available to companies based in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), but the company confirmed it intends to extend the service to North America and Asia in the near future.

The partnership with Avnet Integrated comes months after a similar one entered with Safozi to work on edge and private cloud services in North Africa.

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