Advantech introduces WISE-DeviceOn for remote hardware, data management of edge devices


Edge computing solutions provider Advantech has announced the release of WISE-DeviceOn software and industrial app solutions. This series empowers edge to cloud applications and remote device operation management.

Advantech’s full series of plug-and-play edge computing platforms with integrated WISE-DeviceOn IoT remote management software deliver real-time device and data management capabilities. This series eases business integration for software application management and cloud platforms.

Advantech has also developed a series of WISE-DeviceOn industrial apps for specific domain requirements — these include DeviceOn/iEdge for data and edge management, DeviceOn/CommBridge for equipment protocol conversion, DeviceOn/Kiosk+ for remote kiosk management, and DeviceOn/ePaper, DeviceOn/Display, and DeviceOn/SQ Manager for the remote control and management of related peripheral modules. These functions help customers manage connected IoT devices while building edge-to-cloud applications.

Advantech’s full series of edge computing platforms feature standard versions of WISE-DeviceOn software. This software delivers device, data, and application management; as well as multi-cloud platform integration services for a myriad of applications. Indeed, it allows users to manage a wide spectrum of Advantech edge devices, peripherals, and software by delivering real-time remote access and management to more than 600 models of system and board.

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