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STMicroelectronics introduces sensor programmability with new software release

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STMicroelectronics introduces sensor programmability with new software release

STMicroelectronics has recently released software toolchains and ready-to-use libraries to program intelligent sensor processing units used in a variety of edge computing applications in healthcare, manufacturing and robotics, among others.

The company says this technology can handle motion-related applications such as motion recognition and anomaly detection. The release aims to provide developers with the tools to customize STMicro’s ISM330IS and LSM6DSO161IS MEMS IMUs for application-specific tasks.

According to STMicroelectronics, the software packages contain templates and example projects for developers. Developers can program with the C programming language using a command line interface, an Eclipse-based environment or a graphical user interface.

The STMicroelectronics X-CUBE-ISPU software package allows developers to customize the behavior of their sensors. The package includes pre-built files that can be directly ported on the sensor using a graphical user interface. Coding experience is not required, company executives say.

STMicroelectronics also provides an open-source GitHub repository with examples, tutorials and other development resources. The company says that engineers can utilize this software toolchain to develop numerous applications, including activity and health monitoring, asset tracking and robotics.

SPM Instrument, a company specializing in condition monitoring and process optimization, has adopted STMicroelectronics’ new software toolchain to customize the behavior of the ISM330IS sensor. The new product can be used for analyzing vibration severity and customized to meet specific customer requirements.

STMicroelectronics ISM330IS is an inertial sensor with a 3-axis digital always-on accelerometer, gyroscope and embedded intelligent sensor processing unit. The product is known for its programmable interrupts and on-chip sensor hub, which includes up to six sensors, the company says.

STMicroelectronics has launched a new range of devices called ISPU. These devices have programmable cores with high computational efficiency that can perform real-time AI algorithms. They can develop edge computing applications with a flexible toolchain.

STMicroelectronics recently launched the STM32Cube.AI developer cloud, a solution for developing edge computing applications focused on embedded engineers and data scientists. It aims to simplify, combining hardware and software when creating edge use cases.

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