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Spectro Cloud launches Palette EdgeAI for effective AI workload management at the edge

Spectro Cloud launches Palette EdgeAI for effective AI workload management at the edge

Spectro Cloud has recently expanded its Palette Edge Kubernetes management platform by introducing Palette EdgeAI.

According to Spectro Cloud, Palette EdgeAI simplifies the deployment and management of edge computing environments at scale. With this addition, organizations can create and implement AI software stacks on Kubernetes, enabling efficient execution of AI tasks at the edge, company executives say.

Spectro Cloud’s Palette EdgeAI provides features for distributed training and inference, enabling the training of AI models on multiple edge devices. The company claims that this results in more efficient use of edge resources and accelerated model optimization. The software solution includes a fault-tolerant edge Kubernetes architecture with two nodes, helping to reduce hardware costs and ensure reliable performance.

“The edge is the natural environment for AI inference workloads,” says Tenry Fu, chief executive officer of Spectro Cloud. “Our mission is to simplify innovation for our customers, and we have been working with organizations that are already disrupting their industries, reaping the benefits of AI at the edge.”

Spectro Cloud also notes that Palette EdgeAI boosts security capabilities through various measures. These measures include implementing configurations, conducting Software Bill of Materials scans for enhanced software transparency, enabling comprehensive disk encryption and enforcing stringent access control measures. The company asserts that this software solution aligns with Federal Information Processing Standards compliance.

Elsewhere, Spectro Cloud announced a new round of investment, led by Qualcomm Ventures in order to boost its developments in edge computing, AI and enterprise infrastructure management.

“Qualcomm is uniquely positioned within the edge ecosystem and with the adoption of AI, edge has become a necessity,” says Dev Singh, vice president of business development at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

“Across Industrial, enterprise, utilities and retail, we are seeing a need to dynamically orchestrate AI workloads across edge and the cloud, simplify edge deployments and manage upgrades with no downtime to build the next-generation of resilient, high-performing applications.”

Spectro Cloud says it will use the new investment funds to further extend its Palette platform to meet the needs of businesses to simplify the delivery of modern cloud native applications at scale across any environment. The company plans to also grow its commercial and public sector direct and channel partner sales and support.

This spring, Tevel, an autonomous robotics company based in Israel, announced its adoption of Spectro Cloud’s Kubernetes platform. This strategic move aimed to enhance the efficiency of the company’s AI-powered flying fruit-picking robots.

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